Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Too Busy!

Ok, I feel really bad I haven't posted any Thesis work, I don't think I'm thoroughly happy with it yet. I'm a very selfish artist, even if it looks good, I need more out of it.  I've just been admitting to the fact that I am a fine artist more so than an illustrator, I'm CONSTANTLY changing my work and how I think of it. Very ADHD when if comes to style. I discovered another even more affective way to make illustrations I love, so in the future I will be posting more of those, just because they are the strongest work. For now, this is what I have been doing

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1st Piece of the Year! WOOO!

So, for my senior thesis, I'm doing a brand. Tonight, I finally finished the 1st t-shirt design. I struggled with the colors initially, but what really helps is studying another artist's palette you want to incorporate into your work, and also converting the image into grayscale to see if the colors are working value wise. I tend to struggle with color so it's super helpful. This first illustration is based off of The Little Mermaid, by Hans Christen Anderson. It's actually a really gorey, depressing story, if you divorce yourself from the Disney take on the story ( I get it, you cannot make the movie exactly like the story otherwise the kids will cry, and get upset) The part of the story that really stuck out to me was the part where the sea witch cuts out the little mermaid's tongue in exchange for her 3 day excursion above water as a human to win the prince's heart. I feel it is very important to have a subtle narrative or story to inspire your piece. Going blindly into a design can mean bad ideas, corny imagery, etc. A theme or underlying concept helps you to think more about the mysticism and symbolism behind the illustration. I uploaded the line work as well, I thought it looked nice. I fixed her boobage in the color image, I didn't like the tangent and unevenness it create with the octopus head. I have people interested in the line work copy as well, so fixing her breasts is probably the smart thing to do before I get them printed nicely.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dangerous Dames

I know earlier I stated that I wanted to focus on vignettes, but it is important to try other kinds of compositions as well. I promise tomorrow will be a vignette/portrait. Hey guys, would you mingle with this morbid mama? ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Been a LONG time...

It's here! Senior Thesis, and I've spent much needed time figuring out what I love doing in illustration, by taking a hiatus from posting any work on blogger. Sometimes all the hustle bustle of art school forces you to just disconnect from what everyone around you is doing and forces you to just do whatever you want in order to discover what your art truly is. My thesis will concentrate on making a consistent  style, or "branding" my illustrations into a t-shirt and poster design line. I've always been intrigued by icons, pin ups, and vignettes, therefore, why not just do tons and tons and MORE TONS of portraits, vignettes, icons, and pinups? If I love it, I'm doing it, it's thesis after all. Here are some proto sketches for my thesis, I'm really enjoying these creepy ladies.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Portaits for Character Design

Here are three portraits of the former lead singer of Pantera, and now Down, Phil Anselmo. Done with line, shape, and realism.

SOPA Illustration

For my Illustration concepts course, we had to create an editorial Illustration based on our opinion of the recently shot down SOPA PIPA acts. I love creepy/macabre art and wanted to do something really striking yet conveying how I feel about this issue. These ignorant politicians and greedy media tycoons all want to own EVERYTHING and it's getting to the point where they wants to control how YOU explore the web. Done in acrylic paint on board.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Recently I've been working with Munsell color company to create an avatar. Here are my color studies of Albert Munsell, fun facts, he invented the crayon and artist easel.